Publications by Steve Simon

Weak-coupling superconductivity in an anisotropic three-dimensional repulsive Hubbard model

Physical Review B American Physical Society 98 (2018) 224515

H Roising, F Flicker, T Scaffidi, S Simon

We study a three-dimensional single-band repulsive Hubbard model at weak coupling. We establish the superconducting phase diagram in the parameter space of the chemical potential and the out-of-plane hopping strength. The model continuously connects the Hubbard model in two and three dimensions. We confirm previously established results in these limits, and identify a rich structure of competing order parameters in between. Specifically, we find five types of p- and d-wave orders. In several regions of the phase diagram, even when the Fermi surface is a corrugated cylinder, the ground state is a time-reversal-symmetry-breaking superconductor with nodes, i.e., a Weyl superconductor.

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