Publications by Steve Simon

Approximating observables on eigenstates of large many-body localized systems

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 99 (2019) ARTN 104201

AK Kulshreshtha, A Pal, TB Wahl, SH Simon

Driven quantum dot coupled to a fractional quantum Hall edge

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 100 (2019) ARTN 245111

G Wagner, DX Nguyen, DL Kovrizhin, SH Simon

Signatures of the many-body localized regime in two dimensions

NATURE PHYSICS 15 (2019) 164-169

TB Wahl, A Pal, SH Simon

Interaction Effects and Charge Quantization in Single-Particle Quantum Dot Emitters.

Physical review letters 122 (2019) 127701-

G Wagner, DX Nguyen, DL Kovrizhin, SH Simon

We discuss a theoretical model of an on-demand single-particle emitter that employs a quantum dot, attached to an integer or fractional quantum Hall edge state. Via an exact mapping of the model onto the spin-boson problem we show that Coulomb interactions between the dot and the chiral quantum Hall edge state, unavoidable in this setting, lead to a destruction of precise charge quantization in the emitted wave packet. Our findings cast doubt on the viability of this setup as a single-particle source of quantized charge pulses. We further show how to use a spin-boson master equation approach to explicitly calculate the current pulse shape in this setup.

Ideal Weyl semimetal induced by magnetic exchange

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 100 (2019) ARTN 201102

J-R Soh, F de Juan, MG Vergniory, NBM Schroeter, MC Rahn, DY Yan, J Jiang, M Bristow, PA Reiss, JN Blandy, YF Guo, YG Shi, TK Kim, A McCollam, SH Simon, Y Chen, AI Coldea, AT Boothroyd

QUANTUM HALL EFFECT Fractional oscillations

NATURE PHYSICS 15 (2019) 527-528

SH Simon

Finite temperature effects on Majorana bound states in chiral p-wave superconductors


HS Roising, R Ilan, T Meng, SH Simon, F Flicker

Reply to "Comment on 'Interpretation of thermal conductance of the nu=5/2 edge' "

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98 (2018) ARTN 167402

SH Simon

Behavior of 1-bits near the many-body localization transition

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98 (2018) ARTN 184201

AK Kulshreshtha, A Pal, TB Wahl, SH Simon

Interpretation of thermal conductance of the v=5/2 edge

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97 (2018) ARTN 121406

SH Simon

Effective edge state dynamics in the fractional quantum Hall effect

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98 (2018) ARTN 155321

R Fern, R Bondesan, SH Simon

Weak-coupling superconductivity in an anisotropic three-dimensional repulsive Hubbard model

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 98 (2018) ARTN 224515

HS Roising, F Flicker, T Scaffidi, SH Simon

Structure of edge-state inner products in the fractional quantum Hall effect

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97 (2018) ARTN 155108

R Fern, R Bondesan, SH Simon

Theory of the Josephson Junction Laser.

Physical review letters 121 (2018) 027004-

SH Simon, NR Cooper

We develop an analytic theory for the recently demonstrated Josephson junction laser [M. C. Cassidy et al., Science 355, 939 (2017)SCIEAS0036-807510.1126/science.aah6640]. By working in the time-domain representation (rather than the frequency domain), a single nonlinear equation is obtained for the dynamics of the device, which is fully solvable in some regimes of operation. The nonlinear drive is seen to lead to mode-locked output, with a period set by the round-trip time of the resonant cavity.

Trial wave functions for a composite Fermi liquid on a torus

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97 (2018) ARTN 035149

M Fremling, N Moran, JK Slingerland, SH Simon

Size constraints on a Majorana beam-splitter interferometer: Majorana coupling and surface-bulk scattering

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 97 (2018) ARTN 115424

HS Roising, SH Simon

Efficient Representation of Fully Many-Body Localized Systems Using Tensor Networks

PHYSICAL REVIEW X 7 (2017) ARTN 021018

TB Wahl, A Pal, SH Simon

Quantum Hall edges with hard confinement: Exact solution beyond Luttinger liquid

PHYSICAL REVIEW B 95 (2017) ARTN 201108

R Fern, SH Simon

Breakdown of ergodicity in quantum systems: from solids to synthetic matter.

Philosophical transactions. Series A, Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences 375 (2017)

M Pepper, A Pal, Z Papic, U Schneider, S Simon

How SU(2)4 Anyons are Z3 Parafermions

SciPost Physics SciPost (2017)

SH Simon, R Fern, J Kombe

We consider the braid group representation which describes the non-abelian braiding statistics of the spin 1/2 particle world lines of an SU(2)4 Chern-Simons theory. Up to an abelian phase, this is the same as the non-Abelian statistics of the elementary quasiparticles of the k = 4 Read-Rezayi quantum Hall state. We show that these braiding properties can be represented exactly using Z3 parafermion operators.