Publications by Suzie Sheehy

A model for a high-power scaling ffag ring

IPAC 2012 - International Particle Accelerator Conference 2012 (2012) 409-411

GH Rees, DJ Kelliher, S Machida, CR Prior, SL Sheehy

High-power FFAG rings are under study to serve as drivers for neutron spallation, muon production, and accelerator-driven reactor systems. In this paper, which follows on from earlier work [1], a 20 - 70 MeV model for a high-power FFAG driver is described. This model would serve as a test bed to study topics such as space charge and injection in such rings. The design incorporates a long straight to facilitate H- charge exchange injection. The dynamic aperture is calculated in order to optimize the working point in tune space. The injection scheme is also described. A separate design for an ISIS injector, featuring a novel modification to the scaling law, was also studied. Copyright © 2012 by IEEE.

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