Publications by Suzie Sheehy

Orbit correction in the emma non-scaling ffag simulation and experimental results

IPAC 2012 - International Particle Accelerator Conference 2012 (2012) 1455-1457

DJ Kelliher, S Machida, SL Sheehy, JS Berg, E Keil, JK Jones, BD Muratori, IW Kirkman

The non-scaling FFAG EMMA (Electron Model for Many Applications) is currently inoperation at Daresbury Laboratory, UK. Since the lattice is made up solely of linearelements, the betatron tune varies strongly over the momentum range according to thenatural chromaticity. Orbit correction is complicated by the resulting variation inresponse to corrector magnet settings. We consider a method to optimise correction over arange of fixed momenta and discuss experimental results. Measurements of the closed orbitand response matrix are included. Copyright © 2012 by IEEE.

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