Ludovic Scyboz

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Ludovic Scyboz

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

I studied physics at the undergraduate level at ETH in Zürich, Switzerland. I finished my PhD thesis at the Max-Planck-Institute for Physics in Munich under the supervision of Stefan Kluth and Gudrun Heinrich, where I worked at the interface of experimental and theoretical physics: I was a member of the ATLAS experiment and collaborated with the phenomenology group at the MPP.

I am currently in the group of Prof. Gavin Salam as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant.

I held tutorial classes in Zürich from 2012 to 2015, mostly in the Departments of Mathematics and Physics, as well as in Munich at TUM:

  • Analysis I/II, 1st year undergraduate level, Mathematics/Physics
  • Methods of Mathematical Physics I/II, 2nd year undergraduate level, Mathematics/Physics
  • Classical Mechanics, 2nd year undergraduate level, Physics
  • Mathematisches Denken, 1st year undergraduate level, Architecture

I also held preparatory exercise classes, organized by the student's association for Maths/Physics students taking the 1st year's examination at ETH.

I am not currently teaching.

The bulk of my research was centered around precision measurements of the top-quark mass, on one hand, and Higgs pair phenomenology for the LHC on the other hand.

My center of focus has shifted to more fundamental QCD. At the RPC, I will work mostly on understanding and improving the formal accuracy of parton showers, which is one key ingredient needed towards precision physics at high-energy colliders.