Publications by Ralph Schoenrich

Kinematic detection of the galactic nuclear disc

Astrophysical Journal Letters American Astronomical Society 812 (2015) L21-L21

R Schönrich, M Aumer, SE Sale

We report the detection of the Galactic nuclear disc in line-of-sight kinematics of stars, measured with infrared spectroscopy from APOGEE. This stellar component of the nuclear disc has an extent and rotation velocity V ~ 120kms comparable to the gas disc in the central molecular zone. The current data suggest that this disc is kinematically cool and has a small vertical extent of order 50pc. The stellar kinematics suggest a truncation radius/steep decline of the stellar disc at a galactocentric radius R ~ 150pc, and provide tentative evidence for an overdensity at the position of the ring found in the molecular gas disc.

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