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Higgs transverse momentum with a jet veto: a double-differential resummation

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PF Monni, L Rottoli, P Torrielli

We consider the simultaneous measurement of the Higgs ($p_t^{\tiny{\mbox{H}}}$) and the leading jet ($p_t^{\tiny{\mbox{J}}}$) transverse momentum in hadronic Higgs-boson production, and perform the resummation of the large logarithmic corrections that originate in the limit $p_t^{\tiny{\mbox{H}}}\,,p_t^{\tiny{\mbox{J}}} \ll m_{\tiny{\mbox{H}}}$ up to next-to-next-to-leading-logarithmic order. This work constitutes the first resummation for a double-differential observable involving a jet algorithm in hadronic collisions, and provides an important milestone in the theoretical understanding of joint resummations. As an application, we provide precise predictions for the Higgs transverse-momentum distribution with a veto $p_t^{\tiny{\mbox{J}}} \leq p_{t}^{\tiny{\mbox{J,v}}}$ on the accompanying jets, whose accurate description is relevant to the Higgs precision programme at the Large Hadron Collider.

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