Publications by Myriam Arnal Rodrigues

Science requirements and trade-offs for the MOSAIC instrument for the European ELT

Proceedings of SPIE Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers 9908 (2016)

CJ Evans, M Puech, M Rodrigues, B Barbuy, J-G Cuby, G Dalton, E Fitzsimons, F Hammer, P Jagourel, L Kaper, SL Morris, TJ Morris

Building on the comprehensive White Paper on the scientific case for multi-object spectroscopy on the European ELT, we present the top-level instrument requirements that are being used in the Phase A design study of the MOSAIC concept. The assembled cases span the full range of E-ELT science and generally require either ‘high multiplex' or 'high definition' observations to best exploit the excellent sensitivity and spatial performance of the telescope. We highlight some of the science studies that are now being used in trade-off studies to inform the capabilities of MOSAIC and its technical design.

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