Publications by Robert Smith

Condensed fraction of an atomic Bose gas induced by critical correlations.

Physical review letters 107 (2011) 190403-

RP Smith, N Tammuz, RLD Campbell, M Holzmann, Z Hadzibabic

We study the condensed fraction of a harmonically trapped atomic Bose gas at the critical point predicted by mean-field theory. The nonzero condensed fraction f(0) is induced by critical correlations which increase the transition temperature T(c) above T(c) (MF). Unlike the T(c) shift in a trapped gas, f(0) is sensitive only to the critical behavior in the quasiuniform part of the cloud near the trap center. To leading order in the interaction parameter a/λ(0), where a is the s-wave scattering length and λ(0) the thermal wavelength, we expect a universal scaling f(0) proportionally (a/λ(0))(4). We experimentally verify this scaling using a Feshbach resonance to tune a/λ(0). Further, using the local density approximation, we compare our measurements with the universal result obtained from Monte Carlo simulations for a uniform system, and find excellent quantitative agreement.

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