Publications by Jay Patel

Perovskite-perovskite tandem photovoltaics with optimized band gaps.

Science (New York, N.Y.) 354 (2016) 861-865

GE Eperon, T Leijtens, KA Bush, R Prasanna, T Green, JT-W Wang, DP McMeekin, G Volonakis, RL Milot, R May, A Palmstrom, DJ Slotcavage, RA Belisle, JB Patel, ES Parrott, RJ Sutton, W Ma, F Moghadam, B Conings, A Babayigit, H-G Boyen, S Bent, F Giustino, LM Herz, MB Johnston, MD McGehee, HJ Snaith

We demonstrate four- and two-terminal perovskite-perovskite tandem solar cells with ideally matched band gaps. We develop an infrared-absorbing 1.2-electron volt band-gap perovskite, FA0.75Cs0.25Sn0.5Pb0.5I3, that can deliver 14.8% efficiency. By combining this material with a wider-band gap FA0.83Cs0.17Pb(I0.5Br0.5)3 material, we achieve monolithic two-terminal tandem efficiencies of 17.0% with >1.65-volt open-circuit voltage. We also make mechanically stacked four-terminal tandem cells and obtain 20.3% efficiency. Notably, we find that our infrared-absorbing perovskite cells exhibit excellent thermal and atmospheric stability, not previously achieved for Sn-based perovskites. This device architecture and materials set will enable "all-perovskite" thin-film solar cells to reach the highest efficiencies in the long term at the lowest costs.

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