Publications by Challenger Mishra

Discrete Symmetries of Complete Intersection Calabi-Yau Manifolds

arXiv (2017)

CM Mishra, AL Lukas

In this paper, we classify non-freely acting discrete symmetries of complete intersection Calabi- Yau manifolds and their quotients by freely-acting symmetries. These non-freely acting symmetries can appear as symmetries of low-energy theories resulting from string compactifications on these Calabi-Yau manifolds, particularly in the context of the heterotic string. Hence, our results are relevant for four-dimensional model building with discrete symmetries and they give an indication which symmetries of this kind can be expected from string theory. For the 1695 known quotients of complete intersection manifolds by freely-acting discrete symmetries, non-freely-acting, generic symmetries arise in 381 cases and are, therefore, a relatively common feature of these manifolds. We find that 9 different discrete groups appear, ranging in group order from 2 to 18, and that both regular symmetries and R-symmetries are possible.

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