Publications by Lance Miller

Radio weak lensing shear measurement in the visibility domain - II. Source extraction

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press 476 (2018) 2053–2062-

M Rivi, L Miller

This paper extends the method introduced in Rivi et al. (2016b) to measure galaxy ellipticities in the visibility domain for radio weak lensing surveys. In that paper we focused on the development and testing of the method for the simple case of individual galaxies located at the phase centre, and proposed to extend it to the realistic case of many sources in the field of view by extracting visibilities of each source with a faceting technique, taking into account the contamination from the other sources. In this second paper we present a detailed algorithm for source extraction in the visibility domain and show its effectiveness as a function of the source number density by running simulations of SKA1-MID observations in the band 950-1150 MHz and comparing original and measured values of galaxies' ellipticities. Shear measurements from a realistic population of 10^4 galaxies randomly located in a field of view of 1 deg^2 (i.e. the source density expected for the current radio weak lensing survey proposal with SKA1) are also performed. At SNR >= 10, the multiplicative bias is only a factor 1.5 worse than what found when analysing isolated sources, and is still comparable to the bias values reported for similar measurement methods at optical wavelengths. The additive bias is unchanged from the case of isolated sources, but is significantly larger than typically found in optical surveys. This bias depends on the shape of the Point Spread Function (PSF) and we suggest that a uv-plane weighting scheme to produce a more isotropic PSF could reduce and control additive bias.

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