Publications by Lance Miller

Searching for galaxy clusters in the VST-KIDS survey

Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings 42 (2016) 189-195

M Radovich, E Puddu, F Bellagamba, L Moscardini, M Roncarelli, F Getman, A Grado, V Amaro, A Amon, D Applegate, M Asgari, K Begeman, A Belikov, M Bilicki, C Blake, MB Eriksen, D Boxhoorn, M Brescia, M Brouwer, H Buddelmeijer, A Buddendiek, M Cacciato, Y Cai, M Capaccioli, S Cavuoti, E Chisari, A Choi, OM Cordes, G Covone, M Dal’Ora, JD Jong, A Dvornik, A Edge, T Erben, IF Conti, J Franse, C Georgiou, B Giblin, JH Déraps, E Helmich, R Herbonnet, C Heymans, H Hildebrandt, H Hoekstra, A Hojjati, Z Huang, N Irisarri, A Jakobs, B Joachimi, A Johnson, H Johnston, S Joudaki, F Köhlinger, T Kitching, D Klaes, L Koopmans, K Kuijken, FL Barbera, P Lacerda, G Longo, J McFarland, A Mead, J Merten, L Miller, C Morrison, R Nakajima, N Napolitano, M Paolillo, J Peacock, R Peletier, CE Petrillo, BP Pila-Diez, A Rifatto, N Roy, P Schneider, T Schrabback, E Semboloni, C Sifon, G Sikkema, P Simon, W Sutherland, C Tortora, T Troester, A Tudorica, E Valentijn, R Van Der Burg, E Van Uitert, L Van Waerbeke, GV Kleijn, M Viola, WJ Vriend, KZ Adami

© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2016. We present the methods and first results of the search for galaxy clusters in the Kilo Degree Survey (KiDS). The adopted algorithm and the criterium for selecting the member galaxies are illustrated. Here we report the preliminary results obtained over a small area (7 deg2), and the comparison of our cluster candidates with those found in the c and SZ Planck catalogues; the analysis to a larger area (148 deg2) is currently in progress. By the KiDS cluster search, we expect to increase the completeness of the clusters catalogue to z = 0.6–0.7 compared to RedMapper.

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