Publications by Jena Meinecke

Nanosecond Imaging of Shock- and Jet-Like Features

IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (2014)

ER Tubman, R Crowston, R Alraddadi, HW Doyle, J Meinecke, JE Cross, R Bolis, D Lamb, P Tzeferacos, D Doria, B Reville, H Ahmed, M Borghesi, G Gregori, NC Woolsey

The production of shock- and collimated jet-like features is recorded from the self-emission of a plasma using a 16- frame camera, which can show the progression of the interaction over short (100s ns) durations. A cluster of laser beams, with intensity 10¹⁵$ W/cm², was focused onto a planar aluminum foil to produce a plasma that expanded into 0.7 mbar of argon gas. The acquisition of 16 ultrafast images on a single shot allows prompt spatial and temporal characterization of the plasma and enables the velocity of the jet- and shock-like features to be calculated.

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