Publications by PierGianLuca Porta Mana

Numerical Bayesian state assignment for a three-level quantum system. I. Absolute-frequency data; constant and Gaussian-like priors


A Månsson, PGL Porta Mana, G Björk

This paper offers examples of concrete numerical applications of Bayesian quantum-state-assignment methods to a three-level quantum system. The statistical operator assigned on the evidence of various measurement data and kinds of prior knowledge is computed partly analytically, partly through numerical integration (in eight dimensions) on a computer. The measurement data consist in absolute frequencies of the outcomes of N identical von Neumann projective measurements performed on N identically prepared three-level systems. Various small values of N as well as the large-N limit are considered. Two kinds of prior knowledge are used: one represented by a plausibility distribution constant in respect of the convex structure of the set of statistical operators; the other represented by a Gaussian-like distribution centred on a pure statistical operator, and thus reflecting a situation in which one has useful prior knowledge about the likely preparation of the system. In a companion paper the case of measurement data consisting in average values, and an additional prior studied by Slater, are considered.

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