Publications by Junjie Liu

Electric field control of spins in molecular magnets

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 122 (2019) 037202

J Mrozek, J Liu, A Ardavan, WK Myers, GA Timco, B Kintzel, W Plass

Coherent control of individual molecular spins in nanodevices is a pivotal prerequisite for fulfilling the potential promised by molecular spintronics. By applying electric field pulses during time-resolved electron spin resonance measurements, we measure the sensitivity of the spin in several antiferromagnetic molecular nanomagnets to external electric fields. We find a linear electric field dependence of the spin states in Cr7Mn, an antiferromagnetic ring with a ground-state spin of S ¼ 1, and in a frustrated Cu3 triangle, both with coefficients of about 2 rad s−1=V m−1. Conversely, the antiferromagnetic ring Cr7Ni, isomorphic with Cr7Mn but with S ¼ 1=2, does not exhibit a detectable effect. We propose that the spinelectric field coupling may be used for selectively controlling individual molecules embedded in nanodevices.

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