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Neil Lewis

Graduate Student

I'm a first year DPhil supervised by Professor Peter Read. The focus of my research is Venus; specifically I am applying theory and numerical simulations towards developing a better understanding of observed dynamical features in the Venusian atmosphere.

Prior to arriving Oxford, I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Exeter, where I was awarded first class honours in Mathematics.

Whilst in Exeter I was fortunate enough to engage in multiple summer research projects, first under the supervision of Drs Hugo Lambert, Nathan Mayne and Ian Boutle (Met Office), and later under Prof. Geoff Vallis. This research focussed on studying the climates and atmospheres of 'Earth-like' terrestrial planets. Additionally during this period I contributed towards the development of an idealised convection scheme, LLCS (The Lambert-Lewis Convection Scheme!), designed to be used with the Met Office Unified Model (UM) for studying Earth-like exoplanetary atmospheres.

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I study numerical models of the Venusian atmosphere.