Milan Kloewer

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Milan Kloewer

Graduate Student (DTP)

I received my BSc in Physics of the Earth System from the University of Kiel, Germany in 2013. After a year at Université de Bretagne Occidentale in France, where I studied physical oceanography in the MSc Marine Physics programme, I returned to Kiel and obtained my MSc degree in Climate Physics in 2017. During that time I spent a winter in Svalbard, studying the Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer and also crossed the Tropical Atlantic on a research vessel and worked as a researcher at the University of Oxford.

You find more information about me at, on twitter @milankloewer, on github or simply send me an email.

Research interests

  • Low precision number formats for climate models, e.g. floats, posits, logarithmic fixed-point numbers
  • Stochastic arithmetics in chaotic dynamical systems, predictability and error growth
  • Information theory for maximum entropy number formats
  • Climate data compression and the real information content in climate data
  • Climate model development, numerical schemes, parallel computing
  • Open-source software development
  • Climate modelling in the Julia Language
  • Stochastic parameterisations for climate models
  • Carbon footprints, decarbonising science
  • Aviation's contribution to global warming
  • Ocean modelling, turbulence closures, backscatter parameterisations
  • Climate dynamics on interannual to interdecadal time scales