Publications by Aris Karastergiou

Simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of PSR B0611+22

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 462 (2016) 2518-2526

K Rajwade, A Seymour, DR Lorimer, A Karastergiou, M Serylak, MA McLaughlin, JM Griessmeier

© 2016 The Authors. Published by Oxford University Press on behalf of the Royal Astronomical Society. We report results from simultaneous radio and X-ray observations of PSR B0611+22 which is known to exhibit bursting in its single-pulse emission. The pulse phase of the bursts vary with radio frequency. The bursts are correlated in 327/150 MHz data sets while they are anti-correlated, with bursts at one frequency associated with normal emission at the other, in 820/150 MHz data sets. Also, the flux density of this pulsar is lower than expected at 327 MHz assuming a power law. We attribute this unusual behaviour to the pulsar itself rather than absorption by external astrophysical sources. Using this data set over an extensive frequency range, we show that the bursting phenomenon in this pulsar exhibits temporal variance over a span of few hours. We also show that the bursting is quasi-periodic over the observed band. The anti-correlation in the phase offset of the burst mode at different frequencies suggests that the mechanisms responsible for phase offset and flux enhancement have different dependencies on the frequency. We did not detect the pulsar with XMM-Newton and place a 99 per cent confidence upper limit on the X-ray efficiency of 10 -5 .

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