William Jones

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William Jones

Graduate Student (DTP)

I am a first year DPhil student in the climate processes group. I am part of the RECAP project studying the effects of aerosols on precipitation across a broad range of spatial and temporal scales.

I graduated from Imperial College London in 2017 with an MSci in physics. My research projects covered a broad range of topics, including the development of regional climate metrics, searching for precursors of geomagnetic storms and modelling Brownian motors. I worked with the Earth Observation and Remote Sensing group at RALSpace for two summers in 2015 and 2016, where I investigated trends in the Aerosol CCI product and performed validation work on the ORAC broadband fluxes product.

I am currently working on the RECAP project alongside post-doc Matt Christensen and fellow postgrad student Shipeng Zhang. The RECAP project aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of aerosol-precipitation across broad spatial and temporal scales, and in doing so unite or knowledge of energetic and microphysics driven processes.

Within the RECAP project, I am focusing on the use of novel satellite observation techniques and analysis to improve knowledge of aerosol-cloud interacting systems. I am currently exploring the use of active sensor retrievals from the Cloudsat and Calipso missions both to examine the vertical distribution of aerosols and clouds and to directly constrain the radiative forcing on cloud systems. Through this research, I hope to explain the large discrepancies found when using aerosol index as a proxy for CCN when retrieved from passive sensors, and comapre the relative contributions of aersol radiative and microphysical effects on aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions.

Future continuations of this research may include the investigation of time varying processes using cloud tracking approaches in SEVIRI images, and the use of multi-layer retrievals in the ORAC algorithm to better observe vertically hetergeneous clouds and aerosols in passive sensor data.