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Cigdem Issever


I am a particle physicist, member of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN and a visitor of the Oxford Particle Physics department. I am a University Professor at Humboldt-University of Berlin and a Leading Scientist at DESY. I am colloborating with the Oxford Exotics Group.

My Current Research

The primary purpose of the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN is the discovery of physics beyond our current understanding of nature. One of the most important discovery signatures at the LHC are final states with hadrons which produce complex particle showers initiated by them and by interactions with the detector material. These particle showers are reconstructed in the detectors as so called “jets”. My current research interests are the search for Dark Matter mediator particles in jet final states: in di-jet, multi-jet and di-Higgs final states. I actively work on the calibration and performance studies of jets in the ATLAS detector with the focus on extremely energetic jets (TeV-jets) and large area jets important for the searches with highly boosted particles. I am also using my expertise in jet reconstruction to improve the b-jet identification in ATLAS which is important for my research in ISR+Higgs and di-Higgs final state where the Higgs bosons decay into a pair of b-quarks. In addition to searching for new physics beyond the Standard Model, my long term goal is to measure the Higgs self-coupling at the LHC using di-Higgs final states.

Coordination Roles and

  • Convener of the ATLAS X->bb effort of the ATLAS Flavour Tagging Group, 16 - 17
  • Convener of the ATLAS JetEtmiss Combined Performance group, 14 - 16
  • Coordinator of the IOP HEPP Half-Day Meetings, 09 - 13
  • Convenor of the ATLAS Exotics Physics Group, 09 - 11
  • Convenor of the ATLAS-CMS Joint optoelectronic working Group, 07 - 09
  • Optoelectronic Work Package Coordinator, Versatile Link Project, 08 – 09
  • UK ATLAS Optoelectronic Work Package Coordinator, 07 – 09

Panels and Committees

  • Member of the Project Peer Review Panel (PPRP), UK, 2015 - 2017
  • Chair of the Particle Physics Outreach Committe in Oxford, UK, 2017 - 2018
  • School Liaison Fellow at Lincoln College, Oxford, UK, 2016 - 2019
  • Head of the CERN Child Care Initiative, 2008 - 2014


I was a Tutorial Fellow in Physics at Lincoln College. I taught mechanics for first year undergraduates and mathematical methods and quantum mechanics for second year undergraduates at my college.

  • Lab demonstrator in the electronic lab, since 2015.
  • Summer School Lectures "Exotics Searches at the LHC" at the Hadron Collider school in Goettingen, Jul 2014.
  • Summer School Lectures "Exotics Searches at the LHC" at the Hadron Collider School in Goettingen, Jul 2013.
  • Graduate seminar “How to give a good Presentation” at the University of Oxford (2005 to 2009).
  • Tutor of the major option class “Particle Physics” for fourth year students at the University of Oxford (2004,2005)
  • Instructed graduate-level basic and advanced laboratory courses, and assisted with instruction of advanced classes in Elementary Particle Physics, from 1996 to 1998 at the University of Dortmund, Germany. Prepared and delivered classroom lectures, assisted with examination preparation, tutored students.
  • Undergraduate student tutor from 1991 to 1992 at the University of Dortmund, Germany.

Based on the graduate seminar "How to give a good Presentation" I wrote a book about "Presenting Science" with Professor Ken Peach.


I was chair of the Oxford Particle Physics Outreach Committee and responsible for the organization of the outreach activities in Oxford PP.


I received a STFC Public Engagement Award to build the ATLAS detector in MineCraft with students at Oxford Schools. ATLAScraft was released to the public in December 2017 and the public has now the possibility to explore ATLAS and the LHC in Minecraft. The project was in collaboration with Professor Becky Parker (IRIS) and Dr Steven Worm (University of Birmingham) and the ATLAS Outreach Group at CERN.


I visit school to talk about the work of particle physicists which is a lot of fun!

Date School
13.09.2017 St Brendan's Sixth Form Bristol
09.02.2016 Our Lady's Abingdon Abingdon
26.02.2015 North Hinksey Primary School Oxford

Current Students

Name Thesis Topic
M. Stankaityte Search for new physics and the H(125) in ISR+X(bb) final states
B. Stanislaus Search for new physics in resolved and intermediate di-Higgs to 4b final states (co-supervised with T. Weidberg T. Huffman and J. Frost)
S. Paredes Search for new physics in boosted di-Higgs to 4b final states (co-supervised with T. Weidberg T. Huffman and J. Frost)

Previous Students

Name Thesis Topic Date
N. Brett Micro Black Holes at the LHC and An X-ray Survey of the ATLAS SCT 2007
K. Lohwasser The W Charge Asymmetry: Measurement of the Proton Structure with the ATLAS detector 2009
J. Hanzlik (master) Evaluation of the radiation hardness of optical components for the SLHC 2009
S. Livermoore Search for New Physics in boosted ttbar final states 2013
R. Buckingham Search for New Physics in dijet final states 2013
L. Kogan The Jet Energy Scale Uncertainty Derived from gamma-jet Events for Small and Large Radius Jets and the Calibration and Performance of Variable R Jets with the ATLAS Detector Nov 2014
K. Behr A Search for Massive Resonances in Final States with Boosted Top-Antitop Pairs Decaying into a Lepton and Jets with the ATLAS Detector at the Large Hadron Collider Sep 2015
S. Gupta Study Of Longitudinal Hadronic Shower Leakage and the Development of a Correction for its Associated Effects at √ s= 8 TeV with the ATLAS Detector Sep 2015
L. Beresford Search for new physics in dijets at 13 TeV and jet leakage corrections Sep 2017 (co-supervised with T. Huffman)
N. Bin Norjoharuddeen Search for new physics in boosted di-Higgs final states Aug 2018

Projects for Summer or Interim Students

I am always happy to supervise summer or interim students during the year. If you are interested please get in touch with me and let me know what you would be interested in. The projects' duration is nominally 8 weeks. Since I am placed at CERN you should be willing to do your project at CERN. For possible projects please refer to my current research and the Oxford Exotics Group activities.

Title Venue Date Comment
LHC Searches for Exotic Phenomena 2017 ICFA Seminar Nov 2017 invited talk on behalf of ATLAS CMS and LHCb experiments
Higgs Selbstgespraeche -- Measurement of the Higgs Self-Coupling at the LHC Humboldt University Berlin Germany Jun 2017 invited institut colloquims talk.
For the sake of knowledge -- Why do scientific research? Lincoln Leads Seminar Series Oxford Jan 2017 invited presentations and podiums discussion.
Expedition LHC -- Eine Reise in das Unbekannte Alexander von Humboldt Science and Music Festival Jan 2016 invited talk
Outlook for SUSY/BSM in Run-2 Higgs Coupling Workshop Durham Oct 2015 invited talk on behalf of ATLAS
LHC to date UK HEP Forum "Future Colliders" Nov 2014 invited talk
An Introduction to Exotic Searches DESY Jan 2014 Colloquium LHC Physics
ATLAS Exotics Searches SUSY 2013 Conference at Trieste Aug 2013 invited plenary talk on the behalf of ATLAS
Beyond Supersymmetry 521. Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar Dec 2012 invited speaker (plenary lecture)
Searches for Supersymmetry and Other New Physics at ATLAS Johns Hopkins 36th Workshop Oct 2012 invited plenary talk

2010 to 2005

Title Venue Date Comment
2010 and 2011
I was ATLAS Exotics Physics Group convener hence no time for talks.
ATLAS Status Report 105th LHCC Meeting OPEN Session Mar 2011 on behalf of ATLAS
2008 and 2009
Monte Carlo generators for mini black holes Hengstberger Symposium "Extra Dimensions and Mini Black Holes" Jul 2009 invited talk
Search for mini-black holes with ATLAS SUSY 2009 Jun 2009 on behalf of ATLAS
Black hole event generation with BlackMax IOP HEPP Particle Physics 2009 Apr 2009 BSM session
Black Holes at the LHC Culham Science Centre; Rutherford Appleton Laboratory; Queen Mary University of London; Royal Holloway University of London; University of Oxford; University of Liverpool; University of Bristol May 2008 - Feb 2009 8 invited seminar talks
Collaborational Effort on Radiation Tests (report from subgroup B) TWEPP-08 Topical Workshop on Electronics for Particle Physics Sep 2008 report
2006 and 2007
W charge asymmetry with Run II data at CDF Institute of Physics: Nuclear and Particle physics divisional conference 2007 2007 EWK session
Report and discussion: subgroup b: Radiation resistance Joint ATLAS CMS SLHC Optoelectronics Working Group Mar 2007 report
Radiation Tests of the ATLAS Inner Detector Opto-Electronic Readout System for SLHC 12th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and future Experiments Sep 2006 talk
VCSEL Radiation Results with 20 MeV neutrons Opto-Electronic Readout Systems for SLHC June 2006 report
Constraints on PDF uncertainties from CDF DIS 2006 invited conference talk
2004 and 2005
Opto Electronic Readout Systems for Inner Detectors at the LHC and SLHC VERTEX Nov 2005 invited conference talk
Irradiation Studies of the ATLAS Inner Detector Opto-Electronic Readout System for SLHC LECC Sep 2005 parallel session
W charge asymmetry with Run II data at CDF Institute of Physics: Particle Physics May 2005 EWK session

Workshops and Conferences I organized

Title Date
ATLAS Hadronic Calibration Workshop September 2015
BOOST2010 June 2010
Opto-Electronic Readout Systems for SLHC June 2006
Opto-Electronic Readout Systems for SLHC May 2005