Publications by Laura Herz

Atomic-scale microstructure of metalhalide perovskite

Science American Association for the Advancement of Science 370 (2020) eabb5940

J Kim, H Snaith, M Johnston, L Herz, AJ Borchert, M Rothmann

Hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites are exciting materials for solar-energy applications whose microscopic properties are still not well understood. Atomic-resolution (scanning) transmission electron microscopy, (S)TEM, has provided invaluable insights for many crystalline solar-cell materials, and is used here to successfully image CH(NH2)2PbI3 thin films with low electron-radiation dose. Such images reveal a highly ordered atomic arrangement of sharp grain boundaries and coherent perovskite/PbI2 interfaces, with a striking absence of long-range disorder in the crystal. We demonstrate that beaminduced degradation of the perovskite leads to an initial loss of CH(NH2)2 + ions, leaving behind a partially unoccupied perovskite lattice, which explains the unusual regenerative properties of these materials. We further observe aligned point defects and climbdissociated dislocations. Our findings thus provide an atomic-level understanding of technologically important lead-halide perovskites.

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