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Thomas Harvey

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I am a first year DPhil student, in the Particle Theory subdepartment of the Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, working under the supervision of Prof Andre Lukas.

Before coming to Oxford, I completed an MSci in Theoretical Physics at Royal Holloway in 2019 and Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge in 2020. While at Royal Holloway I undertook a research review on black hole physics, and a major project on unitarity inspired methods for loop integrals.

I am also very interested in outreach. During my undergraduate degree I helped run outreach events for the Physics Department, and gave popular science talks on General Relativity. When at Cambridge I met Alessandro Roussel, who runs the French popular science channel ScienceClic(He also has a growing English Channel). I have been involved (and am still involved) in giving scientific advise for the channel.

MT 2020: Tutor for Groups and Representations
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HT 2021: String Theory I
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I work in Oxford under the supervision of Prof Andre Lukas, in the area of String Phenomenology: The study of relating String Theory to Particle Physics and Cosmology. In particular looking at the geometric methods involved in Heterotic String Compactifications, String Model Building and Supergravity.

As a tangent to recent developments in String Theory, I'm also interested in how Machine Learning techniques can be used in different areas of Fundamental Physics.