Publications by John Gregg

All-linear time reversal by a dynamic artificial crystal

Nature Communications 1 (2010)

AV Chumak, VS Tiberkevich, AD Karenowska, AA Serga, JF Gregg, AN Slavin, B Hillebrands

The time reversal of pulsed signals or propagating wave packets has long been recognized to have profound scientific and technological significance. Until now, all experimentally verified time-reversal mechanisms have been reliant upon nonlinear phenomena such as four-wave mixing. In this paper, we report the experimental realization of all-linear time reversal. The time-reversal mechanism we propose is based on the dynamic control of an artificial crystal structure, and is demonstrated in a spin-wave system using a dynamic magnonic crystal. The crystal is switched from an homogeneous state to one in which its properties vary with spatial period a, while a propagating wave packet is inside. As a result, a linear coupling between wave components with wave vectors k≈π/a and k'=k-2π/a≈-π/a is produced, which leads to spectral inversion, and thus to the formation of a time-reversed wave packet. The reversal mechanism is entirely general and so applicable to artificial crystal systems of any physical nature. © 2010 Macmillan Publishers Limited. All rights reserved.

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