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Confusion over the description of the quartz structure yet again

Journal of Applied Crystallography International Union of Crystallography 51 (2018) 915–918-

AM Glazer

In a recent paper [Huang, Gog, Kim, Kasman, Said, Casa, Wieczorek, Hönnicke and Assoufid (2018). J. Appl. Cryst. 51, 140–147], a description of the structure of quartz was given that is incorrect. There is a long history of such errors in publications describing the quartz structure. This was fully and correctly discussed in 1978 [Donnay and Le Page (1978). Acta Cryst. A34, 584–594], and yet these errors still persist. In the present paper the description by Huang et al. is corrected and the seminal work of Donnay and Le Page revisited.

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