Publications by Jamie Francis-Jones

Engineered photon-pair generation by four-wave mixing in asymmetric coupled waveguides

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RJA Francis-Jones, TA Wright, AV Gorbach, PJ Mosley

Third-order nonlinear processes require phase matching between the interacting fields to achieve high efficiencies. Typically in guided-wave $\chi^{(3)}$ platforms this is achieved by engineering the dispersion of the modes through the transverse profile of the device. However, this limits the flexibility of the phase matching that can be achieved. Instead, we analyze four-wave mixing in a pair of asymmetric waveguides and show that phasematching may be achieved in any $\chi^{(3)}$ waveguide by coupling of a nondegenerate pump from an adjacent waveguide. We demonstrate the additional flexibility that this approach yields in the case of photon-pair generation by spontaneous FWM, where the supermode dispersion may be modified to produce pure heralded single photons -- a critical capability required for example by silicon platforms for chip-scale quantum photonics.

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