Publications by Paul Fendley

Topological phases with parafermions: theory and blueprints

Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics Annual Reviews 7 (2016) 119-139

J Alicea, P Fendley

We concisely review the recent evolution in the study of parafermions—exotic emergent excitations that generalize Majorana fermions and similarly underpin a host of novel phenomena. First we generalize the intimate connection between the -symmetric Ising quantum spin chain and Majorana fermions to -symmetric chains and parafermions. In particular, we highlight how parafermion chains host a topological phase featuring protected edge zero modes. We then tour several blueprints for the laboratory realization of parafermion zero modes—focusing on quantum Hall/superconductor hybrids, quantum Hall bilayers, and two-dimensional topological insulators—and describe striking experimental fingerprints that they provide. Finally, we discuss how coupled parafermion arrays in quantum Hall architectures yield topological phases that potentially furnish hardware for a universal, intrinsically decoherence-free quantum computer.

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