Publications by Fabian Essler

Entanglement growth and correlation spreading with variable-range interactions in spin and fermionic tunneling models

Physical Review A American Physical Society 93 (2016) 053620-

A Buyskikh, M Fagotti, J Schachenmayer, F Essler, AJ Daley

<p>We investigate the dynamics following a global parameter quench for two one-dimensional models with variable-range power-law interactions: a long-range transverse Ising model, which has recently been realized in chains of trapped ions, and a long-range lattice model for spinless fermions with long-range tunneling. For the transverse Ising model, the spreading of correlations and growth of entanglement are computed using numerical matrix product state techniques, and are compared with exact solutions for the fermionic tunneling model. We identify transitions between regimes with and without an apparent linear light cone for correlations, which correspond closely between the two models. For long-range interactions (in terms of separation distance <i>r</i>, decaying slower than 1/<i>r</i>), we find that despite the lack of a light cone, correlations grow slowly as a power law at short times, and that - depending on the structure of the initial state - the growth of entanglement can also be sublinear. These results are understood through analytical calculations, and should be measurable in experiments with trapped ions.</p>

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