Publications by Garret Cotter

Are gamma-ray novae instrinsically rare or just nearby?

Proceedings of Science 2017-October (2017)

PJ Morris, G Cotter, AM Brown, PM Chadwick

© Copyright owned by the author(s). Fermi LAT data revealed classical novae as unexpected gamma-ray sources, yet only 6 of 69 of those optically detected in the first 8 years of Fermi LAT observations were confirmed as > 5? gamma-ray sources. These proceedings outline Monte Carlo simulations in which a population of Galactic novae were simulated based on spatial distributions and R-band magnitudes based on their M31 counterparts. Interstellar extinction was added using a double exponential disc model, and gamma-ray properties were defined based on those of the original 6 gamma-ray novae. We demonstrate that observations are consistent will all classical novae being gamma-ray sources, and that the gamma-ray sky background is the largest inhibitor when discovering these sources. Furthermore, we predict that all classical novae occurring within ? 8 kpc and with mR ? 12 will be detected using the Fermi LAT.

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