Publications by Laura Corner

Excitation and control of plasma wakefields by multiple laser pulses

Physical Review Letters American Physical Society 119 (2017) 044802-

J Cowley, C Thornton, CD Arran, RJ Shalloo, L Corner, G Cheung, CD Gregory, SPD Mangles, NH Matlis, Symes, R Walczak, SM Hooker

We demonstrate experimentally the resonant excitation of plasma waves by trains of laser pulses. We also take an important first step to achieving an energy recovery plasma accelerator by showing that unused wakefield energy can be removed by an out-of-resonance trailing laser pulse. The measured laser wakefields are found to be in excellent agreement with analytical and numerical models of wakefield excitation in the linear regime. Our results indicate a promising direction for achieving highly controlled, GeV-scale laser-plasma accelerators operating at multi-kilohertz repetition rates.

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