Publications by Amalia Coldea

Iron-based superconductors in high magnetic fields

Comptes Rendus Physique 14 (2013) 94-105

AI Coldea, D Braithwaite, A Carrington

Here we review measurements of the normal and superconducting state properties of iron-based superconductors using high magnetic fields. We discuss the various physical mechanisms that limit superconductivity in high fields, and the information on the superconducting state that can be extracted from the upper critical field, but also how thermal fluctuations affect its determination by resistivity and specific heat measurements. We also discuss measurements of the normal state electronic structure focusing on measurement of quantum oscillations, particularly the de Haas-van Alphen effect. These results have determined very accurately, the topology of the Fermi surface and the quasi-particle masses in a number of different iron-based superconductors, from the 1111, 122 and 111 families. © 2012 Académie des sciences.

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