Publications by Stephen Clark

Pressure-dependent relaxation in the photoexcited mott insulator ET-F2TCNQ: influence of hopping and correlations on quasiparticle recombination rates.

Physical review letters 112 (2014) 117801-

M Mitrano, G Cotugno, SR Clark, R Singla, S Kaiser, J Stähler, R Beyer, M Dressel, L Baldassarre, D Nicoletti, A Perucchi, T Hasegawa, H Okamoto, D Jaksch, A Cavalleri

We measure the ultrafast recombination of photoexcited quasiparticles (holon-doublon pairs) in the one dimensional Mott insulator ET-F(2)TCNQ as a function of external pressure, which is used to tune the electronic structure. At each pressure value, we first fit the static optical properties and extract the electronic bandwidth t and the intersite correlation energy V. We then measure the recombination times as a function of pressure, and we correlate them with the corresponding microscopic parameters. We find that the recombination times scale differently than for metals and semiconductors. A fit to our data based on the time-dependent extended Hubbard Hamiltonian suggests that the competition between local recombination and delocalization of the Mott-Hubbard exciton dictates the efficiency of the recombination.

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