Publications by John Chalker

Solution of a minimal model for many-body quantum chaos

Physical Review X American Physical Society 8 (2018) 041019

A Chan, A De Luca, J Chalker

We solve a minimal model for an ergodic phase in a spatially extended quantum many-body system. The model consists of a chain of sites with nearest-neighbor coupling under Floquet time evolution. Quantum states at each site span a q-dimensional Hilbert space, and time evolution for a pair of sites is generated by a q2 × q2 random unitary matrix. The Floquet operator is specified by a quantum circuit of depth two, in which each site is coupled to its neighbor on one side during the first half of the evolution period and to its neighbor on the other side during the second half of the period. We show how dynamical behavior averaged over realizations of the random matrices can be evaluated using diagrammatic techniques and how this approach leads to exact expressions in the large-q limit. We give results for the spectral form factor, relaxation of local observables, bipartite entanglement growth, and operator spreading.

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