Publications by Philip Burrows

Effect and optimisation of non-linear chromatic aberrations of the CLIC drive beam recombination at CTF3

IPAC 2016 - Proceedings of the 7th International Particle Accelerator Conference (2016) 3852-3855

D Gamba, R Corsini, PK Skowronski, F Tecker, PN Burrows

Copyright © 2016 CC-BY-3.0 and by the respective authors. The CLIC design relies on the two-beam acceleration principle, i.e. the energy transfer from the so called drive beam to the main colliding beams. At the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) at CERN the feasibility of this principle is being tested in terms of performance and achievable specifications. The high-current drive beam is generated by recombining its parts in a delay loop and a combiner ring. Preserving the drive beam emittance during the recombination process is crucial to ensure beam-current and power production stability. Present theoretical and experimental studies show that non-linear energy dependence of the transverse optics heavily spoils the quality of the recombined beam. Conventionally these effects are cured by means of non-linear corrections using sextupoles. In this work we propose a mitigation of these effects by optimising the linear lattice, leading to a more robust and easy to operate drive beam recombination complex. The latest results are presented.

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