Publications by Donal Bradley

Low-voltage solution-processed hybrid light-emitting transistors

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces American Chemical Society 10 (2018) 18445-18449

MU Chaudhry, K Tetzner, Y-H Lin, S Nam, C Pearson, C Groves, MC Petty, TD Anthopoulos, D Bradley

We report the development of low operating voltages in inorganic–organic hybrid light-emitting transistors (HLETs) based on a solution-processed ZrOx gate dielectric and a hybrid multilayer channel consisting of the heterojunction In2O3/ZnO and the organic polymer “Super Yellow” acting as n- and p-channel/emissive layers, respectively. Resulting HLETs operate at the lowest voltages reported to-date (<10 V) and combine high electron mobility (22 cm2/(V s)) with appreciable current on/off ratios (≈103) and an external quantum efficiency of 2 × 10–2% at 700 cd/m2. The charge injection, transport, and recombination mechanisms within this HLET architecture are discussed, and prospects for further performance enhancement are considered.

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