Publications by Donal Bradley

Thermally stable zinc disalphen macrocycles showing solid-state and aggregation-induced enhanced emission

Inorganic Chemistry American Chemical Society 56 (2017) 5688-5695

JA Marafie, DDC Bradley, CK Williams

In order to investigate the solid-state light emission of zinc salphen macrocycle complexes, 7 dinuclear zinc salphen macrocycle complexes (1-7), with acetate or hexanoate coligands, are synthesized. The complexes are stable in air up to 300 °C, as shown via thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), and exhibit green to orange-red emission in solution (λem = 550-600 nm, PLQE ≤ 1%) and slightly enhanced yellow to orange-red emission in the solid state (λem = 570-625 nm, PLQE = 1-5%). Complexes 1, 2, 4, 5, and 7 also display aggregation-induced enhanced emission (AIEE) when hexane (a nonsolvent) is added to a chloroform solution of the complexes, with complex 4 displaying a 75-fold increase in peak emission intensity upon aggregation (in 0.25:0.75 chloroform:hexane mixture).

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