Publications by James Binney

A centrally heated dark halo for our Galaxy

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society Oxford University Press 465 (2016) 798-810

D Cole, J Binney

We construct a new family of models of our Galaxy in which dark matter and disc stars are both represented by distribution functions that are analytic functions of the action integrals of motion. The potential that is self-consistently generated by the dark matter, stars and gas is determined, and parameters in the distribution functions are adjusted until the model is compatible with observational constraints on the circularspeed curve, the vertical density profile of the stellar disc near the Sun, the kinematics of nearly 200 000 giant stars within 2 kpc of the Sun, and estimates of the optical depth to microlensing of bulge stars. We find that the data require a dark halo in which the phase-space density is approximately constant for actions |J| ≲ 140 kpc km s−1 . In real space these haloes have core radii ≃ 2 kpc.

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