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Search for periodicities in the B8 solar neutrino flux measured by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory

Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology 72 (2005)

B Aharmim, SN Ahmed, AE Anthony, EW Beier, A Bellerive, M Bergevin, SD Biller, MG Boulay, MG Bowler, YD Chan, M Chen, X Chen, BT Cleveland, T Costin, GA Cox, CA Currat, X Dai, H Deng, J Detwiler, PJ Doe, RS Dosanjh, G Doucas, CA Duba, FA Duncan, M Dunford, JA Dunmore, ED Earle, SR Elliott, HC Evans, GT Ewan, J Farine, H Fergani, F Fleurot, JA Formaggio, W Frati, BG Fulsom, N Gagnon, JTM Goon, K Graham, RL Hahn, AL Hallin, ED Hallman, WB Handler, CK Hargrove, PJ Harvey, R Hazama, KM Heeger, L Heelan, WJ Heintzelman, J Heise, RL Helmer, RJ Hemingway, A Hime, MA Howe, M Huang, E Inrig, P Jagam, NA Jelley, JR Klein, LL Kormos, MS Kos, A Krüger, C Kraus, CB Krauss, AV Krumins, T Kutter, CCM Kyba, H Labranche, R Lange, J Law, IT Lawson, KT Lesko, JR Leslie, I Levine, JC Loach, S Luoma, R MacLellan, S Majerus, J Maneira, AD Marino, N McCauley, AB McDonald, S McGee, C Mifflin, KKS Miknaitis, BG Nickel, AJ Noble, EB Norman, NS Oblath, CE Okada, HM O'Keeffe, RW Ollerhead, GDO Gann, JL Orrell, SM Oser, T Ouvarova, SJM Peeters, AWP Poon, CSJ Pun, K Rielage

A search has been made for sinusoidal periodic variations in the B8 solar neutrino flux using data collected by the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory over a 4-year time interval. The variation at a period of 1 yr is consistent with modulation of the B8 neutrino flux by the Earth's orbital eccentricity. No significant sinusoidal periodicities are found with periods between 1 d and 10 years with either an unbinned maximum likelihood analysis or a Lomb-Scargle periodogram analysis. The data are inconsistent with the hypothesis that the results of the recent analysis by Sturrock et al., based on elastic scattering events in Super-Kamiokande, can be attributed to a 7% sinusoidal modulation of the total B8 neutrino flux. © 2005 The American Physical Society.

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