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Cavity beam position monitor in multiple bunch operation for the ATF2 interaction point region

IBIC 2013: Proceedings of the 2nd International Beam Instrumentation Conference (2013) 419-422

YI Kim, DR Bett, N Blaskovic Kraljevic, PN Burrows, GB Christian, MR Davis, C Perry, ST Boogert, A Lyapin, Y Honda, T Tauchi, N Terunuma, J Urakawa, J Frisch, D McCormick, J Nelson, GR White

Copyright © 2013 by JACoW. Ultra-high position resolution cavity beam position monitors (BPMs) have been developed to measure the beam position and to be linked to control the beam position stability within a few nanometres in the vertical direction at the focus, Interaction Point (IP), of the Accelerator Test Facility 2 (ATF2). In addition, for feedback applications a lower-Q and hence faster decay time system is desirable. Specialised cavities which is called Interaction Point BPM (IPBPM) has been tested in the ATF2 extraction beam line. Using IPBPMs, a position resolution of less than 5 nm has been measured in single bunch operation. Multibunch operation is also planned at ATF2 for the beam stabilisation. The nominal operation bunch spacing for the International Linear Collider (ILC) is 308 ns so the multibunch operation bunch spacing is ILC like. The IPBPM should be able to measure beam position to nanometre precision in multi-bunch modes. Therefore the position resolution in multi-bunch operation was also measured at ATF2 extraction line. The analysis method of cavity signals, calibration and results of multibunch operation are discussed in this proceeding.

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