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DNA can be used as a construction material to build nanometre-scale structures and devices.

DNA origami folding

DNA origami is a technique that allows a single-stranded DNA template to be folded into arbitrary shapes by annealing it with a set of short staple strands. The guiding design principle is that the target shape is the single most stable configuration. We've looked at how DNA origami folds by designing a system that can fold into a handful of different shapes from a single set of components (read more here with or without a subscription).

Molecular motors

DNA can be used to construct molecular motors. Autonomous and directional movement along a track can be driven by hybridisation or hydrolysis of a DNA fuel

Spore formation in Bacillus subtilis is characterised by an asymmetric cell division trapping chromosomal DNA at the septum. The protein SpoIIIE is responsible for transporting chromosomal DNA across the septum into prespore. The 2D gel shows accumulation of positive supercoiling in an assay designed to report the ability of a SpoIIIE to transport DNA.


The 'topological filter' allows cut-and-paste DNA reactions to select substrates with distant sites connected head-to-tail and reject those connected head-to-head.

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