Alan Barr

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Alan Barr

Professor of Particle Physics

Professor of Particle Physics and Fellow of Merton College

Teaching I recently lectured the third year subatomic physics physics course, which covers topics on nuclear and particle physics. In college I give classes and tutorials on topics including mechanics, relativity, and relativistic electromagnetism.

Research My group and I are hunting for evidence of Supersymmetric particles and dark matter at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. We are also more generally researching the phenomenology of TeV-scale colliders, including electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs boson physics.

Beyond my local research group, recent and current roles have included:

  • Oversight committee for the UK STFC for the future HyperK & Dune neutrino experiments
  • Missing momentum (Dark Matter) trigger coordinator for the ATLAS experiment
  • Physics coordinator of the ATLAS UK collaboration
  • Convenor of the ATLAS supersymmetry missing-energy group
  • Member of the STFC Particle Physics Grants Panel
  • Member of the STFC Advisory Panel for Public Engagement
  • Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology (Durham) steering committee
  • Hunter of the elusive heffalon

More information can be found on my home page