Publications by Farrukh Azfar

Higgs boson studies at the Tevatron

Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology 88 (2013)

T Aaltonen, VM Abazov, B Abbott, BS Acharya, M Adams, T Adams, JP Agnew, GD Alexeev, G Alkhazov, A Alton, S Amerio, D Amidei, A Anastassov, A Annovi, J Antos, G Apollinari, JA Appel, T Arisawa, A Artikov, J Asaadi, W Ashmanskas, A Askew, S Atkins, B Auerbach, K Augsten, A Aurisano, C Avila, F Azfar, F Badaud, W Badgett, T Bae, L Bagby, B Baldin, DV Bandurin, S Banerjee, A Barbaro-Galtieri, E Barberis, P Baringer, VE Barnes, BA Barnett, P Barria, JF Bartlett, P Bartos, U Bassler, M Bauce, V Bazterra, A Bean, F Bedeschi, M Begalli, S Behari, L Bellantoni, G Bellettini, J Bellinger, D Benjamin, A Beretvas, SB Beri, G Bernardi, R Bernhard, I Bertram, M Besançon, R Beuselinck, PC Bhat, S Bhatia, V Bhatnagar, A Bhatti, KR Bland, G Blazey, S Blessing, K Bloom, B Blumenfeld, A Bocci, A Bodek, A Boehnlein, D Boline, EE Boos, G Borissov, D Bortoletto, J Boudreau, A Boveia, A Brandt, O Brandt, L Brigliadori, R Brock, C Bromberg, A Bross, D Brown, E Brucken, J Budagov, XB Bu, HS Budd, M Buehler, V Buescher, V Bunichev

We combine searches by the CDF and D0 Collaborations for the standard model Higgs boson with mass in the range 90-200 GeV/c2 produced in the gluon-gluon fusion, WH, ZH, tt̄H, and vector boson fusion processes, and decaying in the H→bb̄, H→W + W - , H→ZZ, H→τ + τ - , and H→γγ modes. The data correspond to integrated luminosities of up to 10 fb - 1 and were collected at the Fermilab Tevatron in pp̄ collisions at √s=1.96 TeV. The searches are also interpreted in the context of fermiophobic and fourth generation models. We observe a significant excess of events in the mass range between 115 and 140 GeV/c2. The local significance corresponds to 3.0 standard deviations at m H =125 GeV/c2, consistent with the mass of the Higgs boson observed at the LHC, and we expect a local significance of 1.9 standard deviations. We separately combine searches for H→bb̄, H→W + W - , H→τ + τ - , and H→γγ. The observed signal strengths in all channels are consistent with the presence of a standard model Higgs boson with a mass of 125 GeV/c2. © 2013 American Physical Society.

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