Publications by Rafael Alves Batista

Monte Carlo studies for the optimisation of the Cherenkov Telescope Array layout

Astroparticle Physics Elsevier 111 (2019) 35-53

A Acharyya, I Agudo, EO Angüner, R Alfaro, J Alfaro, C Alispach, R Aloisio, R Alves Batista, JP Amans, L Amati, E Amato, G Ambrosi, LA Antonelli, C Aramo, T Armstrong, F Arqueros, L Arrabito, K Asano, H Ashkar, C Balazs, M Balbo, B Balmaverde, P Barai, A Barbano, M Barkov

The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is the major next-generation observatory for ground-based very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy. It will improve the sensitivity of current ground-based instruments by a factor of five to twenty, depending on the energy, greatly improving both their angular and energy resolutions over four decades in energy (from 20 GeV to 300 TeV). This achievement will be possible by using tens of imaging Cherenkov telescopes of three successive sizes. They will be arranged into two arrays, one per hemisphere, located on the La Palma island (Spain) and in Paranal (Chile). We present here the optimised and final telescope arrays for both CTA sites, as well as their foreseen performance, resulting from the analysis of three different large-scale Monte Carlo productions.

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