Suzanne Aigrain

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Suzanne Aigrain

Professor of Astrophysics

I am a Professor of Astrophysics and a fellow of All Souls college.

My research focuses on the detection and characterisation of extra-solar planets and their atmospheres, stellar variability and its impact for exoplanet detection and evolution, and the Bayesian analysis of astrophysical time-series. For more information, visit my group's website (link below).

I am a senior demonstrator in the third year astrophysics laboratory, and a tutor for the 4th year C1 Astrophysics course. I also give lectures as part of the Astrophysics Graduate course, and supervise a number of DPhil students and undergraduate research projects.

I love sharing the excitement of my research field with the general public. I regularly give public lectures to varied audiences, and get involved in departmental outreach events. I am also happy to engage with journalists to discuss exoplanet research done in Oxford and elsewhere, and its implications for the public at large.