Publications by Maximilian Abitbol

Polarization sensitive Multi-Chroic MKIDs

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 9914 (2016)

BR Johnson, D Flanigan, MH Abitbol, PAR Ade, S Bryan, HM Cho, R Datta, P Day, S Doyle, K Irwin, G Jones, S Kernasovskiy, D Li, P Mauskopf, H McCarrick, J McMahon, A Miller, G Pisano, Y Song, H Surdi, C Tucker

© 2016 SPIE. We report on the development of scalable prototype microwave kinetic inductance detector (MKID) arrays tailored for future multi-kilo-pixel experiments that are designed to simultaneously characterize the polarization properties of both the cosmic microwave background (CMB) and Galactic dust emission. These modular arrays are composed of horn-coupled, polarization-sensitive MKIDs, and each pixel has four detectors: two polarizations in two spectral bands between 125 and 280 GHz. A horn is used to feed each array element, and a planar orthomode transducer, composed of two waveguide probe pairs, separates the incoming light into two linear po- larizations. Diplexers composed of resonant-stub band-pass filters separate the radiation into 125 to 170 GHz and 190 to 280 GHz pass bands. The millimeter-wave power is ultimately coupled to a hybrid co-planar waveguide microwave kinetic inductance detector using a novel, broadband circuit developed by our collaboration. Elec- tromagnetic simulations show the expected absorption efficiency of the detector is approximately 90%. Array fabrication will begin in the summer of 2016.

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