Lifelong Learning

The Department plays a leading role in physics nationally and internationally and use our expertise to contribute to society's future. We are committed to support our students as well as our alumni to reach their potential.
There are many ways for you to keep engaged and updated with research and news after you graduate.

Attend lectures, join societies

We host a variety of lectures - from the highly technical to general public - throughout the year. As a member of the alumni community you are welcome to attend any of them, any time.
The list of general lectures and events is here. It changes periodically so visit often to keep up to date.

These are some of the Oxford based societies & groups you could join:

Women in Physics Society
The Physics Society
The Oxford Energy Society
Bang magazine

In London

The Royal Society events
Institute of Physics (has branches around the country)

Attend seminars in Oxford

As an alumnus/a you are always welcome to visit us and attend one of the academic seminars that periodically take place in our Department. These are aimed at our researchers and therefore can be highly technical. You can find more details on current research here.
List of colloquia and seminars

Visit us!

As alumni, you are always welcome to stop by, use the common rooms and on some occasions, our facilities may be available for physcis related events. It is advisable you let us know in advance if you are coming to visit, for security and Health & Safety reasons, and/or, if you have any specific needs, by contacting the alumni office. If you just want to stop by, please report to the Reception.

Lifelong learning from University of Oxford

Fully matriculated alumni from the University of Oxford can access the lifelong learning pages here.

Videos and podcast

We know you'd like to have all our lectures available online, unfortunately, for various reasons (mostly to do with data protection), we are not able to film them all. We are actively looking at improving our delivery on this.
Meanwhile, all the available videos and podcasts, can be found here.

We also share some videos on our social media and we have just opened a YouTube channel that we hope to populate as material comes available.

Lifelong career services support

The University of Oxford Careers Service tries to make sure that all alumni can use their services for as long as you need them.

Check their website. You could register for an account on CareerConnect, and you will be able to:

  • Search job vacancy board on CareerConnect
  • Attend Careers Fairs and other events
  • See any of their Careers Advisers if you are in Oxford
  • Have a Skype appointment with the Alumni Careers Adviser (Dr Mike Moss) if you are not in Oxford
  • Sign up for their Monthly Alumni Careers Newsletter which is sent by e-mail.

Some of their services are only available to current students (for example The Student Consultancy, The Internship Programme, and certain e-books). Please contact them directly if you would like clarification on eligibility.