Telescope visits

"The view of the moon's terminator was unforgettable" (Teacher)

Philip Wetton Telescope

The Philip Wetton telescope is a fantastic resource for teaching in Oxford, and for local schools and colleges. The 0.4 metre telescope, built in 1995 by the Meade Corporation of California, was given to the University so that undergraduate and graduate students could observe the night sky as would a professional astronomer. It's location is a fabulously-positioned, purpose-built observatory atop the Denys Wilkinson Building in Keble Road; the first new observatory built in Oxford for over a century. Each year the telescope is opened to schools, community groups and the general public so that everyone can enjoy the excitement of practical astronomy.

School telescope visits

We offer school telescope visits during the winter and spring terms.

Visits tend to start at around 7.00pm and last for two hours depending on group size. It is not normally possible to arrange telescope visits during the school day. Whilst it is lovely to have a good clear night, we have significant experience in hosting school visits and will ensure that pupils are informed and entertained regardless of the weather. Teachers should also be aware that access to the observatory is difficult and the department should be notified at the earliest opportunity of any visitors with mobility problems. Please contact us for further information.

"The main things they took away were an appreciation of how astronomy/astrophysics is done "for real", and a real sense of awe about the Universe" (Teacher)