Easter Weather Station Project

Welcome weather watchers!

Weather has a big effect on our day to day lives. Both rain and sunshine are necessary to grow much of the food that we eat. On the other hand, heavy rainfall can have a devastating impact on people by causing flooding. Scientists use weather observations and computers to make predictions of how the weather will change each day.

The project

In this project we are going to learn about the weather by making some simple instruments from household items to measure things like rainfall, pressure and wind. You will record your measurements in a weather diary to understand some of the common features of different types of weather.

Instruction booklet

Please download the Easter Weather Station Project Booklet which has all the instructions for making the instruments. The booklet is attached to the top right of this page along with the risk assessment.

Feel free to make as many or as few of the experiments in this booklet as you like.

Making a weather diary

On the last page you will find an example of a weather diary – you can make your own one on a separate piece of paper.

Pick a day in the Easter holidays to start making observations and continue everyday for seven days. When taking observations, you should pick a regular time each morning and afternoon, and record what you see.

Share your results

We are very excited to see your results. Please present the measurement and observations that you record in your weather diary in a poster which should also include photos of your weather instruments. You should also include any conclusions that you made from taking the measurements.

Everyone who submits a poster will receive a certificate for you to print out at home and an invite to a online talk and Q&A with an atmospheric scientist.

How to enter

Once you have finished your poster, please do the following:

  1. Send your poster in PDF format by email to weather.project@physics.ox.ac.uk. Include your full name in the email.
  2. Complete the following form: https://oxford.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/weather-station-project-2021

Deadline: The deadline for submitting your posters is Monday 19th April.

Discuss your results

After you submit your poster, we will invite you to a short online lecture which will take place at 6pm on Thursday 22nd April 2021. During the talk you will learn about the weather and we will share what all of our weather watchers found!