Dark matter

Group Leaders:

The LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ) dark matter search project is our main research activity. Our laboratories can be found on level 5 of the Denys Wilkinson Building, where we develop instrumentation for LZ and work on simulations / preparation for data analysis.

The next-generation LZ experiment will consist of a 7-ton liquid xenon target, of which 5.6 t will be the fiducial mass. LZ will have an active veto system for suppressing background events. All this will be inside a water tank inside the Sanford Underground Research Facility. The size of the LZ target will allow to push the sensitivity for WIMP detection by a significant factor compared with the capability of existing searches.

For more information about LZ consult the LZ experiment webpage, or view the Conceptual Design Report (CDR as individual chapters), which is also available as arXiv:1509.02910 [physics.ins-det]