The staff below are available to be of assistance to students and are those responsible for the lab equipment and functionality.

Prof. Jonathan Jones

Head of Teaching


Dr. Karen Aplin

Head of Physics Teaching Laboratories


  • Leadership of undergraduate practical course.
  • Strategic development of experimental physics teaching.
  • Management of lab staff and finances
  • Research in space and atmospheric physics.

Karen's research is further described, along with current publications and contact information on her webpage.

Keith Long

Senior Technician

Responsibilities include overseeing the general operation of the labs, while also maintaining the biophysics labs. Keith also provides mechanical engineering support for the teaching labs. Contact.

Peter Shrimpton

Senior Technician

Responsibilities include maintaining and developing the equipment in the nuclear lab. Peter is also the administrator for the diverse network of PC systems throughought the teaching labs. Contact. For help regarding computing contact support.

Rob Mackenzie


The newest member of our team, responsible for the electronics and thermal physics laboratories. Contact.

Jeff Lidgard


Responsibilities include maintaining and developing equipment, specifially in the optics lab. Contact.